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Freestyle Bodypainting
Freestyle Bodypainting

I wanted to paint on darker skin, using the skin as the base with contrasting designs on top. :)

Celtic Bodypainting

She told me she liked "flame" colors. We did a somewhat celtic design with an absract twist.

Blending Bodypainting

Bodypainting camouflage from 2001. Taken on black and white film and developed it myself. :)

Metallic and Black Bodypainting

Black basecoat and then a freestyled silver design. :)

Underwater Nude

Underwater nude photography. :)

Steampunk Engraved Bull Skull Clock

Hand Engraved Steampunk Inspired Bull Skull Clock is complete
and made it safely to its new home in Texas. 100+ hours of
machine and hand tooling went in to this. The clock is a high
quality front winding 8-day mechanism. The pendulum swings
through the cut nose area and the ridges are hinged to open for access.
Real metal/copper/steel, every thing attached is actual hardware with
glue/epoxy for reinforcement. This was my first attempt at this
sort of art and is not the last. Message the page to order yours.
A North American Ram Skull is next.

UV Blacklight Bodypainting Day of the Dead

UV Blacklight Bodypainting Day of the Dead

I was pretty happy with how this painting came out. Using UV makeup / bodypaint, I was able to give this Dia De Muertos
piece a cool 3D (look at it with glasses) look with the roots of the rose almost giving off a veins look.

Henna Inspired Bodypaint

Henna inspired painting. We just spent the evening painting this design, not Henna, but inspired by Henna designs.

Blacklight UV Bodypaint
Blacklight UV Bodypaint
Blacklight UV Bodypaint

Today was a fun day putting this much detail into these UV paintings. Check them out with 3D glasses.

Dissolve Metallic Body Painting

Simple and clean. I painted her black and then metallic and gave a dissolving look.

Steampunk Body Painting

Found this oval end table at an antique store and spent about 70 hours
engraving this Ying Yang Koi design into it. Email me to make an offer on the table
The legs come off so shipping is an option.

Koi nghraved Table

Had a fun day with this piece. The background canvas was
painted like an older backdrop in the turquoise and browns, very rustic.
I painted the Steampunk style painting on her creating
another robotic piece by base coating her the same as the backdrop
and painting her hourglass abdomen withother gear and mechanical details.

Metallic Painting and Sparks

So this was a bit of a miserable afternoon but well worth it.
We had to find a way to paint, pose, spin
the whool, take the shot and not catch on fire while
But, one amazing photo.

mechanical body painting

"Her Private Mechanisms III" - Had a fun day painting this piece.
As with the others, I start with a base of black and paint the robotic structure
on top and shoot the photo on black to eliminate
the body to give a 3D effect. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

uv body painting

This was an earthy mix of some deep reds, metallic gold and blacks.
Threw in a complimenting styling of her hair to help it come out pretty cool.
uv body painting
uv body painting

Played with some UV makeup today. It was a fun set. Painted the "hair" like designs on the backdrop as
a last minute touch to the piece using black light as the light source. I am happy with how this turned out.

metallic and sparks

Client wanted to be painted with something abstract. I base coated her in orange and then
put an ornate silver design on top and used sparks to light her.
The combination of the make up and bodypaint with the light turned out great.


"His Private Mechanisms" - The significance of this painting is that it is a self-portrait.
I went from losing almost 700lbs, having multiple surgeries to finally this. I spent about 4 hours staring
in a mirror painting backwards and often with my left hand (right handed) to pull this painting off.
So, it goes without saying it is not perfect but I am happy with it. I base coated myself in black
and then painted with metallics on top. In continuing the mechanical themes, this is a piece where the outer skin
has been removed to show the inner workings of a cyborg from a "steampunkish" time.
The waist line actually follows my surgical scars around my waist and I left the jeans to give a bit of a ruggedness to it.

Gibson body painting

Custom painting as a gift to the client's Gibson playing husband.

space painting

Client wanted a painting of her in the cosmos. We were very pleased with this final shot.

Cyborg Body Painting

This is the latest edition to the FleshandColor collection. I wanted to create a look
of a cyborg being repaired. Based coated in black, painted with metallics on top to create the effect.

Body Painted Dia De Muertos Maternity

Day of the Dead or Dia De Muertos Maternity Painting. Wanted to have a traditional stylized look, not very realistic
and with a little more folk art to it.

Body Painted Jaws Movie Poster

Jaws - This is a first in a series of movie posters I am creating. I was very pleased with houw this painted
poster came out. Stay tuned for more. :)

White and Teal Painting on Mocha Skin
White and Teal Painting on Mocha Skin

SkinScapes0413 and SkinScapes0413a - This is a commissioned piece for a a beautiful Africian American young lady that just
let me do what I wanted to do. I was very happy with the outcome of these images and I hope you are, too.
The white a teal colors really go well with her skin tone. :)

Pink Stripe Body Art

SkinScapes0213 - This is what you get when you put a tutu on someone's head and paint stripes on them.
It is not a very technical piece but it is cute and sometimes cute is enough to be effective. :)

Body Roses Bodypainting

SkinScapes0213a - This body painting started out as a redo of my older roses work. I literally had a game plan
of what I was going to paint with 17 years more experience under my belt to see the difference.
I got her in the studio and my mind changed. I painted her with my eyes in just a few minutes.
Then I painted what my eyes saw, with my hands, in 8 hours.

Metallic make-up and sparks

SkinScapes0213b - This is a tease from the Tania series. Metallic bodypainting, will upload her full set soon.

Antique Decorative Bodypainting

SkinScapes0213c - Spent a while on this painting. Normally I would just paint the side I was planning on shooting.
I did her entire body and got a few other poses out of it. Others to come, however, here is the one I set out to do.
It was about 8 hours freestyle, head to toe, front and back.

New Years Body Painting

Body Painting for New Years

SkinScapes0113 - This was the last painting of 2012 and we were very pleased with it.
We base coated her in black and did a festive "New Years" look.

Silver and Gold Body Painting

Metallic0113 - Metallic Body paint and the always fun "painting with light" photography.

Abstract Blending Body Painting

(SkinScapes-Thorns) She is hiding, find her. Painted over the large canvas used in the fairy body painting to use
as a background for this piece. The idea for this image evolved more times than I could keep up with.
I finally decided on what you see here. Behind the scenes shown below.

Abstract Blending Body Painting

A quick shot taking during the process of The Thorns painting.

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