Blue Abstraction Bodypainting and Photography

Blue Abstract – Model Crystal Wings

This was a relaxing bodypainting and photography set to do on one of my favorite models to paint. I suffer from moments of social anxiety and every time I paint her she throws head phones in and checks out.  So it makes it easy on me. Ha.

art bodyart bodypainting abstract photography
One of my favorite abstract bodypaintings

I have no problem talking with people when I paint. Most of the time the canvas is chatty and I listen. But I have moments when I am freaking out inside and just want to paint. It’s easy when all I gotta listen to is my music while she sporadically naps.

art bodyart bodypainting abstract photography
One of my favorite abstract bodypaintings
art bodyart bodypainting abstract photography
One of my favorite abstract bodypaintings

I like how it turned out and how the lines and colors flowed around her body. They both just seemed to match.

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UV Body Painting Abstraction

The images below are from a body painting photography session I did one day that was a complete experiment. See my previous post for the Video from this shoot. I had my model, Jasmine, come over so I could experiment on shooting against a UV background I painted the night before.

Black Light bodypainting smear
Smeared UV bodypainting

Above is the smeared glow bodypaint and below is the design that I freestyled onto her to see how it would look in contrast to the background.

bodypainting body art
Body Art Abstract Details on a UV Glow Background
UV Glow Bodypainting
Bodypainting Abstraction With Many Details


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I found an old time-lapse of a blacklight UV glow paint piece I did. It’s simple, amateur and neat. I dig it. Do me a favor and subscribe to my Youtube channel if you liked this. They’re gonna get better.




Body Painted Metallic Makeup Nude Figure Study

silver bodyart makeup bodypaint
Metallic Bodypainting and Photography by Dewayne Flowers – San Diego & Los Angeles, California

I have always had a thing for black and white photography. It’s how I started out taking photos. When I learned I could add body painting into the element with such a stunning look, such as these silver works, I was in heaven.

bodypaint makeup silver
Metallic Bodyart and Photo by Dewayne Flowers – San Diego & Los Angeles, California

This model would have made a great figure model for a live art class (If she doesn’t already do it). But, adding the metallic just made it that much more exceptional. See the rest by joining. 🙂

Silver Body
Metallic Body-painting and Photography by Dewayne Flowers – San Diego & Los Angeles, California
Silver Bodyart Photo Bodypainting
Metallic Bodypaint and Photography by Dewayne Flowers – San Diego & Los Angeles, California

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“Dream Diver” – Underwater Body Painting and Photography

Last year (yes I am that slow) I body painted and photographed a piece with a friend in an underwater setting. She wanted a mermaid / Avatar look and this is what we came up with.
underwater bodypainting
Dream Diver Bodypainting Photo by Dewayne Flowers – FleshandColor

The main bodypainting has some CG digital elements added to it. When I was editing the image to remove the blue from the pool’s colors (I did not have a correctional filter on the camera to compensate for the pool changing everything blue.) some of the areas looked like a nebula or space clouds and it inspired me to work it into what you see.

underwater bodypainting fleshandcolor
Dream Diver Image 2

I like how this turned out and so did she. I am not a professional underwater photographer, but I like to play. One day I will have a budget and blow you’re mind. 😉

underwater bodypainting
Dream Diver Image 3
underwater bodypainting
Dream Diver Image 4

Her favorite. 🙂

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Til Death – A body painted portrait.

“Till Death” – A Self Portrait: Our Saturday date night. This was a spontaneous UV black light bodypaint piece. We  (Lana Chromium and I)  spent a couple of hours bodypainting each other “anatomically enough” to pull off the effect. I adjusted colors a bit to remove some of the black light blue and bumped the contrast to blacken out what skin was visible for the illusion. Her hair was glowing as well, so that helped.


body painted dancing skeletons
Til Death a Body Painted Portrait by Lana Chromium and Dewayne Flowers

This was a pretty big deal for me. I have been a bodypainter for 20 years, grossly overweight until I was in my 30’s and until now, was terrified at the notion of being the subject of my own art. Until her…

The leg and arms crossing isn’t a hard effect, especially in black light and you plan your pose. Very minor Post production.

You can see the behind the scenes shot in my members area:

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Portrait Workshop

This is a bodypainting piece I painted onto the back of a volunteer at  workshop  in Austria. This was a fun learning experience about how to body-paint faces. Face painting, get it? I kill me.

Bella Volen ( )   was the instructor and it was a great experience. I suggest taking a class with her any chance you get.

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Day of the Dead (Dia De Muertos) Body Painting

Today I finally uploaded one of my newest body painting that was inspired by Dia De Muertos artworks and other body art.

Dia De Muertos Body painting by Dewayne Flowers
Dia De Muertos Bodypaint by Dewayne Flowers

I have always loved the artwork associated with the Day of the Dead celebrations so I had a friend of mine from Georgia, check out her on Instagram as @skydivingbham , model for this piece.

It turned out pretty good. I especially like the way the face painting turned out. I personally think I need to work on my roses, but, hey….shut up. 🙂

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Getting off my ass….

It’s been a while since I gave my website some attention. Reasons? We all have reasons. The important thing is that I am here now and I am ready to make some new art and start painting again.


Let’s see where 2018 takes us, shall we?

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Textures, Colors and the Human Body

If you haven’t noticed by now, the only real consistent part of my body art is the human body. As far as body painting goes, the only real running themes are my metallic paintings. I love them. My audience loves them. However, when it comes to bodypaint skinscapes or anything that isn’t metallic makeup, I am all over the place. And, with that said, here is today’s new work.

bodypaint textures
Model: Jasmine Stanciel – info at bottom of page.

Getting Started

As we started, I base coated her lightly with a yellow paint wash from my Wolfe Fx Professional (12) 30g Face Paint with Protective Case to allow the yellows and reds/browns of her skin to give some orangeish hue. This was probably the least messy part of the process because it was the textures I was about to attempt that made the mess.

We started applying the first coat of flour and tissue, fun times.
We started applying the first coat of flour and tissue, fun times.

Most of the time, I am experimenting when I am creating. I have never done anything with flour, water, and bathroom tissue. I cook enough and have done enough playful kid’s crafts to know how the flour and water will crust up. I added the tissue to beef up the mixture. The flour and water mixes both had color added to them, yellows, greens, and reds.

I applied with a brush and pallet knife and reapplied where needed. We gave it time to dry a bit, although it was buffering pretty good. I didn’t have to wait too long after final application to get to the photos.

Red and Yellow Flour and Water Mixture
Red and Yellow Flour and Water Mixture

The Finished Painting

The greenish and blue, sort of, canvas was the background for the shot. My wife, painted a background and it was hanging in the living room for months. After staring at it long enough, I wanted to use it.

The Body In Texture and Color v2

I placed her next to a window and we went through various poses and I think it turned out well.

The Body In Texture and Color v3


The Body In Texture and Color v4

The Body In Texture and Color v5

Overall, I am pleased with how everything looked. The colors were the earthy tones I was looking for. They were rich and subtle at the same time and worked well with the textures and poses Jasmine was able to do without destroying all the dough.


The Clean Up

Yeah…about that.

Model shown in the photos is Jasmine Stanciel – you can see more of her work and contact her for bookings Model Jasmine Stanciel on Model Mayhem