Textures, Colors and the Human Body

If you haven’t noticed by now, the only real consistent part of my body art is the human body. As far as body painting goes, the only real running themes are my metallic paintings. I love them. My audience loves them. However, when it comes to bodypaint skinscapes or anything that isn’t metallic makeup, I am all over the place. And, with that said, here is today’s new work.

bodypaint textures
Model: Jasmine Stanciel – info at bottom of page.

Getting Started

As we started, I base coated her lightly with a yellow paint wash from my Wolfe Fx Professional (12) 30g Face Paint with Protective Case to allow the yellows and reds/browns of her skin to give some orangeish hue. This was probably the least messy part of the process because it was the textures I was about to attempt that made the mess.

We started applying the first coat of flour and tissue, fun times.
We started applying the first coat of flour and tissue, fun times.

Most of the time, I am experimenting when I am creating. I have never done anything with flour, water, and bathroom tissue. I cook enough and have done enough playful kid’s crafts to know how the flour and water will crust up. I added the tissue to beef up the mixture. The flour and water mixes both had color added to them, yellows, greens, and reds.

I applied with a brush and pallet knife and reapplied where needed. We gave it time to dry a bit, although it was buffering pretty good. I didn’t have to wait too long after final application to get to the photos.

Red and Yellow Flour and Water Mixture
Red and Yellow Flour and Water Mixture

The Finished Painting

The greenish and blue, sort of, canvas was the background for the shot. My wife, painted a background and it was hanging in the living room for months. After staring at it long enough, I wanted to use it.

The Body In Texture and Color v2

I placed her next to a window and we went through various poses and I think it turned out well.

The Body In Texture and Color v3


The Body In Texture and Color v4

The Body In Texture and Color v5

Overall, I am pleased with how everything looked. The colors were the earthy tones I was looking for. They were rich and subtle at the same time and worked well with the textures and poses Jasmine was able to do without destroying all the dough.


The Clean Up

Yeah…about that.

Model shown in the photos is Jasmine Stanciel – you can see more of her work and contact her for bookings Model Jasmine Stanciel on Model Mayhem

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