“Dream Diver” – Underwater Body Painting and Photography

Last year (yes I am that slow) I body painted and photographed a piece with a friend in an underwater setting. She wanted a mermaid / Avatar look and this is what we came up with.
underwater bodypainting
Dream Diver Bodypainting Photo by Dewayne Flowers – FleshandColor

The main bodypainting has some CG digital elements added to it. When I was editing the image to remove the blue from the pool’s colors (I did not have a correctional filter on the camera to compensate for the pool changing everything blue.) some of the areas looked like a nebula or space clouds and it inspired me to work it into what you see.

underwater bodypainting fleshandcolor
Dream Diver Image 2

I like how this turned out and so did she. I am not a professional underwater photographer, but I like to play. One day I will have a budget and blow you’re mind. 😉

underwater bodypainting
Dream Diver Image 3
underwater bodypainting
Dream Diver Image 4

Her favorite. 🙂

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Til Death – A body painted portrait.

“Till Death” – A Self Portrait: Our Saturday date night. This was a spontaneous UV black light bodypaint piece. We  (Lana Chromium and I)  spent a couple of hours bodypainting each other “anatomically enough” to pull off the effect. I adjusted colors a bit to remove some of the black light blue and bumped the contrast to blacken out what skin was visible for the illusion. Her hair was glowing as well, so that helped.


body painted dancing skeletons
Til Death a Body Painted Portrait by Lana Chromium and Dewayne Flowers

This was a pretty big deal for me. I have been a bodypainter for 20 years, grossly overweight until I was in my 30’s and until now, was terrified at the notion of being the subject of my own art. Until her…

The leg and arms crossing isn’t a hard effect, especially in black light and you plan your pose. Very minor Post production.

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Portrait Workshop

This is a bodypainting piece I painted onto the back of a volunteer at  workshop  in Austria. This was a fun learning experience about how to body-paint faces. Face painting, get it? I kill me.

Bella Volen ( http://www.bella-volen.com/ )   was the instructor and it was a great experience. I suggest taking a class with her any chance you get.

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Day of the Dead (Dia De Muertos) Body Painting

Today I finally uploaded one of my newest body painting that was inspired by Dia De Muertos artworks and other body art.

Dia De Muertos Body painting by Dewayne Flowers
Dia De Muertos Bodypaint by Dewayne Flowers

I have always loved the artwork associated with the Day of the Dead celebrations so I had a friend of mine from Georgia, check out her on Instagram as @skydivingbham , model for this piece.

It turned out pretty good. I especially like the way the face painting turned out. I personally think I need to work on my roses, but, hey….shut up. 🙂

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Getting off my ass….

It’s been a while since I gave my website some attention. Reasons? We all have reasons. The important thing is that I am here now and I am ready to make some new art and start painting again.


Let’s see where 2018 takes us, shall we?

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