Til Death – A body painted portrait.

“Till Death” – A Self Portrait: Our Saturday date night. This was a spontaneous UV black light bodypaint piece. We  (Lana Chromium and I)  spent a couple of hours bodypainting each other “anatomically enough” to pull off the effect. I adjusted colors a bit to remove some of the black light blue and bumped the contrast to blacken out what skin was visible for the illusion. Her hair was glowing as well, so that helped.


body painted dancing skeletons
Til Death a Body Painted Portrait by Lana Chromium and Dewayne Flowers

This was a pretty big deal for me. I have been a bodypainter for 20 years, grossly overweight until I was in my 30’s and until now, was terrified at the notion of being the subject of my own art. Until her…

The leg and arms crossing isn’t a hard effect, especially in black light and you plan your pose. Very minor Post production.

You can see the behind the scenes shot in my members area:


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