“Dream Diver” – Underwater Body Painting and Photography

Last year (yes I am that slow) I body painted and photographed a piece with a friend in an underwater setting. She wanted a mermaid / Avatar look and this is what we came up with.
underwater bodypainting
Dream Diver Bodypainting Photo by Dewayne Flowers – FleshandColor

The main bodypainting has some CG digital elements added to it. When I was editing the image to remove the blue from the pool’s colors (I did not have a correctional filter on the camera to compensate for the pool changing everything blue.) some of the areas looked like a nebula or space clouds and it inspired me to work it into what you see.

underwater bodypainting fleshandcolor
Dream Diver Image 2

I like how this turned out and so did she. I am not a professional underwater photographer, but I like to play. One day I will have a budget and blow you’re mind. 😉

underwater bodypainting
Dream Diver Image 3
underwater bodypainting
Dream Diver Image 4

Her favorite. 🙂

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