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The way I price my commissions are like so. Without trying to undermine my profession by "low balling" the price, I try to make it easy.

We Are All Different

Each painting is different because people are differet. The base of any painting starts at $500 and you can increase your budget at your discretion or stay at the base. How much painting, the amount of poses, finished images, special effects, and more, all have a part in your session's rates.

I can meet your $500 budget or I can meet the needs of your $10,000 budget. Challenge me. I have never belileved in being out of reach for anyone. The world is full of living canvases waiting to be painted and they all should be able to experience it. Being bodypainted by FleshandColor is becoming a unique fine art piece that you are actually proud of. So you determine your budget, something you can comfortably do, or invest big in a immersive experience by an established, reputable artist.

So write me and let's discuss.

Live Bodypainting in Los Angeles, CA


You book your commission with a 50% deposit of the final budget agreed upon. The deposit is non-refundable unless *I* have to cancel the date and we cannot find a suitable new date for you, if we can't manage one. I will issue a refund. However, if you cancel, and we can't get a reschedule arranged, you have lost the deposit. You have 6 months to reschedule, and remaining balance of initial budget is required to rebook. There is no life event that will be an exception. You must agree to these terms before you make the deposit.

Do I get Prints?

Do I Get Prints?

My sessions do not include prints with exceptions which I will explain below. Prints are cheap. I do not make money off prints. I am not a studio, I am an artist (hard to say that without sounding like an elitist which I assure you I am not) so I don't gouge my clients with photo packages of hundreds of dollars that they cannot deviate from.

I give you final files and a suggested place to order your prints. The only thing you cannot do is sell the images commercially or try and profit on them without discussing with me.

You do have the option to buy the rights to your photos and that is a flat $3000. You then own the finished image(s) to do as you please. Make prints, sell to ad agencies, etc. You can buy the rights to the finished images and the unfinished raw images from your shoot for $4500. You then own everything and can do as you please. Individual rates only. Business, contact to dicuss.

Exception to prints: budgets $1500 or more will get a 20x30 stretched canvas of one of the client's favorite photo from the set. It's a nice quality canvas reproduction on a thick wood frame ready to hang and will come signed by me as a Limited Edition 1 of 1 of your image which is now an investment and should be treated as so. $2000 or more gets 20x30 canvas and 16x20 canvas.

Email Me To Inquire for Alternative Payments

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