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Life and Bodypaint

Body painting, one of the oldest art forms - as a bodyartist, I embrace bodyart because the canvas has life. The canvas has an imagination and energy. I never carry on a conversation with a fabric canvas. I never feel the vibrations of a heartbeat through my brush on muslin. To be bodypainted is a journey. It is often not just art, it is therapy for both the artist and the canvas.
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The Artist

I am bodypainter, artist and photographer, Dewayne Flowers, formerly of Columbus, GA - now living in San Diego, CA working in and around Los Angeles as well. I am mostly a body paint artist and photographer but I do a bit more. Check out the work and come back to see newly added pieces weekly. An extensive bio coming soon. Bio writer wanted.

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I just finished redesigning my website on Febuary 2016. I am currently, as you read this, creating a store for buying prints. If you can't wait. email info@fleshandcolor.com to inquire to order. I have some original art on ArtFido you can bid on. :)


...is an exercise in letting go. You paint someone for hours and then wash it all away.

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