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His Private Mechanisms III

A third addition in the Machine Bodypainting

His Private Mechanisms III

A third addition in the Machine Bodypaint

Her Private Mechanisms

This was the first in the Machines series. It proved to be the most difficult.

His Private Mechanisms

Self-portrait - I went from a 900lb. near death to 230lbs. staring in the mirror trying topaint backwards.

Her Private Mechanisms II

This was painted live in Los Angeles

Her Private Mechanisms III

Went less mechanics on this pieve and more armor and Steampunkish.

Her Private Mechanisms IV

I was torn between H.R. Giger and steampunk and well, this happened with some photoshop.

Her Private Mechanisms V

Stepped outside of the black with this piece. Went more Steampunk and added some hourglass elements.

Her Private Mechanisms VI

Down for repair. Please come back later.

Her Private Mechanisms VII

One of my personal favorites of the Machines.

My Robot Leg

BTS - I was bored one night at home with some Sharpies and my leg.

Party Bots

A group of three wanted some of my mechanic work on them for Fantasy Fest 2015.